Skrillex Bangarang Review

Love or hate it, dubstep is definitely the flavor of the moment. Skrillex is probably the most prominent player in this genre. Today, we dive into his latest release, Bangarang.

I was rather skeptical coming into this EP. Skrillex’s body of work is largely comprised of a few samples mixed in different patterns, then subsequently remixed over and over. Don’t believe me? Listen to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and More Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and tell me otherwise. A remix from that album even sneaks onto Bangarang (“Skrillex Orchestral Suite”). I would argue those previous two releases weren’t really EPs, but singles filled with remixes – but that’s another blog post entirely. Finding something that works and then tinkering with it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it can lead to stagnation (see: Deadmau5).

I was pleasantly surprised to find Bangarang was much more fully realized than Skrillex’s previous releases. The songs, for the most part, each have their own sound. If you weren’t into dubstep before, I can say this EP might be a bridge into the genre. You just need to know what to expect going into it. And what you should expect is bass, samples repeated in succession, loops, drum machines, and electronic flairs. Sometimes the loops get a little tiresome, but overall the sound is dancy and energetic. What you shouldn’t expect is anything innovative.  All of this has been done before, mostly by DJs in Miami circa 2001.

What Skrillex and his ilk, like Deadmau5, do really well is connect with their audience. Both are readily accessible via social media. I think it’s great these guys interact with their fans on such a personal level – it’s definitely part of their success.

Party goer opinions
Lauren: “It’s kind of a like a mashup. You can dance to it.”

Verdict: If you like electronic dance DJs and dance clubs, you should give Bangarang a try. It’s not for everyone, but people into this genre of electronic music will enjoy it.
UPDATE: If you’re listening to this album through the speakers that came with your computer or ear buds, you are not going to get the full effect (as I just found out). This album needs a system that kicks out some bass.

Stand out track: Breakn’ a Sweat.
“Breakn’a Sweat (featuring the Doors)”


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