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I’ve been looking over various people’s top albums of 2011 to see what gems I had missed. Some of the lists included this year’s Lady Gaga or Brittney Spears album. That kind of list seems silly to me – maybe those albums sold really well, but no one is going to look back fondly on either of those artists. Maybe nostalgically, but not fondly (you know what I’m talking about, people who purchased Barenaked Ladies albums in the late 90s).

One of the albums that popped up on several lists was Colin Stetson’s New History of Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges. I went over to YouTube to watch a video and was stunned by how ridiculous it was that this album made it to the top albums of 2011. It’s experimental saxophone! Who the hell thinks this is good?

I commented on a video on Colin Stetson playing his over-sized saxophone, politely for YouTube, and was shocked to receive a civilized response. The response suggested checking out Stetson’s studio album because the audio quality of live recordings didn’t do his sound justice.

I decided that listening to a bit of the album was a fair way to come to an agreement on our differences, so I found the album and listened to a couple tracks. What I heard was something completely new. I went back to video on YouTube and let the guy know he was right – the studio recording is definitely something worth checking out.

And now for something completely different!

Here’s a video of Colin explaining what he does to produce the sound he creates.

Next review: Colin Stetson New History of Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges.


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