Araabmuzik Electronic Dream Review

Araabmuzik Electronic Dream is an album aptly named. It’s dreamy, light electronic lounge music that hits with a lot of high hats.

Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream

This album is tough to review. On one hand, it’s pretty standard electronic dance music. Clubs with trendy names like “Fur,” “Lux” or “Lotus” are places where you would expect to hear this type of music. There you will find guys in shiny shirts and girls in short skirts overpaying for bottle service and listening to Electronic Dream with the bass turned up to the point of distortion. On the other hand, the album has its moments. Some of the songs are pretty catchy. Unfortunately, these moments are repeated ad nauseam for three or four minutes and then given a song title.

In an interesting move, a deluxe edition was released with several remixes of the songs found on the album. The remixes are much better than the originals, making me wonder why the originals even exist. Check out this remix of “Electronic Dream” from the deluxe edition, infused with a couple samples from other popular dance songs.

One other thing to bring your attention to – if you hear the audio watermark “You are now listening to Araabmuzik” on your copy of Electronic Dream, it’s legit. I’ve noticed A LOT of comments from people thinking they downloaded a promotional copy or accidentally got a bootleg. Apparently, this was done intentionally. I think it detracts from the album a bit, but in a world of downloaded singles and massive iPod hard drives with tens of thousands of songs, this audio watermark does remind you of who you are listening to when a track comes up on shuffle.

Party goer opinions

Tim: “It sounds like it belongs in a really bad trashy lounge.”

Adam: “I think it was aggressive, anxiety-provoking, and noisy.”

Verdict: People were NOT into this album. I’d say it is a pass. Save your money and time. Personally, I’m hoping the upcoming release from Orbital will be exactly what I’ve been looking for.


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