Lana Del Rey Born to Die Review

Lana Del Rey stormed the music world a few months ago with a blitz of interviews and singles. After it had been established this was an artist that Interscope Records wanted us to know about, her album Born to Die was released.

Usually I take in an album several times before I review it, but I had a hard time getting through Born to Die once. The sound of the album isn’t bad, it’s sort of a sultry pop album. There’s no doubt that Del Rey can sing. Her sultry voice is easy on the ear.  But it’s what she sings about that is such a turn off. The songs are mostly about men – ones she’s dated, ones who ignored her, and how much she needs them for better or for worse. She talks about bad relationships she can’t escape in “Off to the Races,” doing things solely for her man in “Video Games,” and then talks about knowing what boys wants on “Lolita.” Feminists everywhere are rolling their eyes.

Born to Die doesn’t do much to stand out from other female vocalists with similar sounds. See: Kate Earl (who is better and a little more electronic), Feist (also better and little more folksy) and Adele (probably better, but I don’t have any interest in finding out).

For me, Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die comes up short on interest and intelligence.  I don’t have any interest in hearing about this lady’s relationship problems, but that’s probably because I’m an adult and realize that the world has much bigger issues to be dealt with.

It’s best played when you don’t have to give it any attention. When having to focus on the album, I often found my mind wandering and looking for other things to do. The songs on the album clock in at around 4 minutes each and seem unnecessarily repetitive. If they were shortened by a minute or so, they would be much more tolerable. Also, the album’s title reminded me a Leftover Crack song of the same name. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

Party Goer Opinions

Tim: “I like some of it, but some of things she does really bother me. She does this ‘Bettie Boop’ thing I hate [in reference to “Off to the Races”].”

Lauren: “I like some of the songs, but she’s trying too hard.”

Verdict: It’s a mixed bag. People liked some of the songs, but overall there didn’t seem to be enough positives to overcome the negatives. The singles off of the Born to Die are all worth listening to, but don’t delve any deeper or you’ll regret it.

Video from the album:
Lana Del Rey
“Born to Die”
Born to Die


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