The Shoes Crack My Bones Review

The Shoes, a French electro act, quietly released Crack My Bones last year. A recent music video for “Time to Dance” featuring Jake Gyllenhaal has stirred up new interest in this 2011 release.

The Shoes Crack My Bones

Crack My Bones feels kind of short, clocking in at under 39 minutes in length. It seems like it’s over just after you start it. The sound ranges from catchy dance track (“Time to Dance” and “Bored”) to unintentionally ironic (“Cliche”). “Time to Dance” is the definitely the single that will draw people to check out The Shoes – this song brought them my attention.

There isn’t much to take away from Crack My Bones. “Time to Dance” is really enjoyable. “Bored” and “Investigator” seemed to rise above the other tracks, but don’t have what it takes to become popular singles. As a whole, the album is uninspired, sounding very indistinguishable from other artists. Other than the songs I mentioned, it is a pass.

Verdict: “Time to Dance” is a song everyone will enjoy. It’s a diamond single lost in the rough. I can’t recommend this song enough. The rest of Crack My Bones comes up short.

Stand out track: “Time to Dance.”

Video from the album:

The Shoes
“Time to Dance”
Crack My Bones


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