The Shins Port of Morrow Review

Indie rockers The Shins bring us their latest album, Port of Morrow.

The Shins Port of Morrow

With The Shins, it’s hard to say anything they put out is extremely bad. It’s also hard to say anything is really good.  What Port of Morrow delivers is something that is musically proficient, but ultimately rather dull.

For those of you not in the know, The Shins have an indie rock sound with a bit of a country twang. They give you a  mellow feel and nothing ever offends the ears.  It’s not an unpleasant band to listen to, but The Shins never stray too far from this sound.

Port of Morrow starts out strong.  Both “The Rifle’s Spiral” and “Simple Song” are a good way to bring listeners into the album. In fact, I enjoy “Simple Song” quite a bit.  Then enjoyment of Port of Morrow slowly starts to fade as you realize that most of the album sounds the same.  I mean really the same. To the point where it is entirely possible to not notice you’ve listened to several tracks because there isn’t anything that really differentiates them.  Album doldrums seem to plague a lot of artists trying fill whatever the requirements are to release a full album.  Port of Morrow suffers from this ailment to the extreme.

Despite being somewhat bland, Port of Morrow isn’t really a bad album. It just won’t be one you’ll listen to over and over.  There just isn’t anything to keep you coming back.

Party Goer Opinions

Lauren: “I think I’ve heard this song before on another Shins’ album.”

Dave: “It’s pretty ‘meh.’ And ‘meh’ isn’t worth my time.”

Matt: “It was ok, but kind of vanilla.”

Verdict: People didn’t have much to say about the album.  Overall, no one thought it was horrible, but they also thought it was rather bland. You’re not going to get anything unexpected.

If you liked previous Shins albums, it’s a safe bet that  you are going to like Port of Morrow.

Stand out tracks: “Simple Song,” “No Way Down”

Video from the album:

The Shins
“Simple Song”
Port of Morrow


One thought on “The Shins Port of Morrow Review

  1. Listened to the whole album today It was was nice, but nothing special. good background music for a road trip or something!

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