Miike Snow Happy To You Review

Miike Snow’s second album, Happy To You, is much slower than their first release. While not completely barren of radio-friendly tracks, the Swedish trio delivers fewer dance-floor friendly hits this time around.

Miike Snow - Happy To You

I loved Miike Snow’s first, eponymously-named album. My expectations for Happy To You were very high. And I was a little let down. Gone are the dance tunes of the first album. While some of the tracks on Happy To You are catchy, their slow tempo doesn’t make you want to run out to the dance floor. Unfortunately, the dance tracks of the first album were what made it enjoyable. You still get the familiar electropop styling of Miike Snow, but it’s missing the energy of the previous album.

The slower pace of Happy To You isn’t all bad. You’re still getting Miike Snow’s synth heavy indie rock with solid vocals. Most of the tracks are somewhat relaxing to listen to. Nothing on the album compels you to skip over a song, but they don’t do anything to draw you in either. [Note: the Dutch version of the album contains several remixes. The repetitiveness of those tracks actually does get on my nerves.]

If you’re wondering about the content of Miike Snow’s songs, don’t bother analyzing the lyrics. Like many other electropop acts, your focus is meant to be on the sound and not the lyrics. The content borders on being entirely meaningless. Just try to relax your brain and enjoy the beat.

There are a few bright spots on the album. “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)” and “The Wave” are really enjoyable. These two songs are the closest thing you are going to get to the dance tracks of the previous album. Everything else is rather ho-hum.

Verdict: Miike Snow gets a B- for Happy To You. My recommendation is to listen to the standout tracks. If you like them, give the album a shot.

If you aren’t familiar with Miike Snow, I highly recommend their first album.

Standout Tracks: “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will),” “The Wave”

Videos from Happy To You

Miike Snow
“Paddling Out”
Happy To You

Miike Snow
“The Wave”
Happy To You


2 thoughts on “Miike Snow Happy To You Review

  1. Miike Snow are studio masterminds, and they pile a lot of production tricks into Happy To You, but the songwriting rarely strays past midtempo R&B. I’m not sure if they’re saving the really wild ideas for outside production jobs or remixes, both of which are much more dynamic. Whether by design or not, their sophomore album is a pretty soulless, workmanlike affair.

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