Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns Review

British house act Simian Mobile Disco hits us with their latest album, Unpatterns.
Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns

Unlike previous Simian Mobile Disco albums, Unpatterns is somewhat focused. Previous albums provided us with a genre-spanning amalgamation of sounds and guest appearances. On Unpatterns, Simian Mobile Disco gives us stripped down techno beats without any vocals. This was something I found myself missing while listening to the album. “I Waited for You,” one of the few tracks with sampled vocals, happened to be my favorite track from the album.

Generally the tracks on Unpatterns without vocals didn’t feel very stimulating to listen to. I usually look for songs to progress from their introductory beat to multi-layered rhythms and fade in and out of harmonies with interesting hooks. Most of the songs on Unpatterns don’t progress beyond their intros and seemed to drone on just a bit too long. I want to go on a musical journey through a song, not hear the same 8 bars repeated over and over. I have iPhone apps that can do this.

Speaking of, Simian Mobile Disco created an interesting app that allows you to create different patterns that move with in time with the music from Unpatterns. For $3, but you get the entire album and the app. Gimmicky, but I like the extra effort the band took to create a multimedia experience for Unpatterns.

Despite its repetitiveness, Unpatterns is alright if you aren’t giving it your full attention. I recommend letting it play in the background and not giving it much thought.

For some reason, I felt like I had heard the slightly off pitch modulated synth tone of “Interference” on some other track. Maybe something Orbital did? I couldn’t quite place it.

Verdict: There are a few songs on Unpatterns worth checking out. Unfortunately, the rest of the tracks are just filler.

If you want to check out Simian Mobile Disco, I recommend Attack Decay Sustain Release.

Stand-out tracks: “I Waited for You,” “Interference”

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