Heems Wild Water Kingdom Review

Heems, of the now disbanded rap group Das Racist, released his first solo album, Wild Water Kingdom.  The Wild Water Kingdom mixtape is available for free at livemixtapes.com.


Did you like Das Racist? Then Wild Water Kingdom will be right up your alley. Its ironic wordplay and verbal hooks will be familiar to Das Racist fans.  Those people will also be familiar with varying strength of writing from track to track.

The identity of Heems, well-educated party rapper of Indian descent (and this is mentioned in every article written about him), is unique in hip-hop. Heems may come across as the court jester, but under this comedic guise he makes pointed comments about the music scene while simultaneously talking about race politics in “post-racial” America.  It’s a tall order to fill for every track and sometimes he comes up short. The lyrics range from racially conscious to cheesy, there are few refrains, and almost all the songs devolve into repeated phrases.

The sound of Wild Water Kingdom is somewhat simplistic.  The beats are deliberately slow, almost to the point of a chopped and screwed album, and usually feature a heavy dose of synthesizer. The vocal delivery has a bit of lilt and some swing to it.  Some of the tracks have an 8-bit feel to them.   I had trouble getting through some of tracks multiple times, but a few are really enjoyable.  I liked “Soup Boys,”  “Deepak Choppa,” and “Wild Water Kingdom” mostly for the beats.

I can’t recommend Wild Water Kingdom for everyone.  If you’re into things like Cool Keith, you should check this out.

Verdict: Check it out – it’s free! There are a couple tracks on there worth listening to.

Stand out tracks: “Soup Boys,”  “Third Thing,” and “Wild Water Kingdom”

Video from Wild Water Kingdom

“Soup Boys”
Wild Water Kingdom


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