Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams Review

Lord Huron, indie folk rockers from L.A., deliver a wonderful debut in Lonesome Dreams.

Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams

Several months ago I came across a music video for Lord Huron’s “Time to Run.”  The song immediately caught my attention.  I went over to Spotify to hear what the rest of their tracks sounded like and really enjoyed what I heard.  For some reason, it took me a while to give it a second listen.

When I did give Lonesome Dreams a second play, I loved it. Since then I’ve probably gone through the album 15 times or more. Folk rock is not a sound I typically seek out, but Lord Huron mellows out the country twang with a bit of electronic mixing to give their tracks a dreamy feel.  It doesn’t hurt that the lead singer’s vocals are very well done and match the music perfectly.  I think that both country and indie rock fans will find something to enjoy in this album; country fans will enjoy the American folk sound and indie fans will enjoy the stylistic tweaks and lyrics. Everything comes together so well that I think Lonesome Dreams could find mainstream success.

To test that theory, I told several friends with varying taste in music to check out Lonesome Dreams. All have come back to say they really liked the album and thanked me for turning them on to Lord Huron.

Lyrically, the album focuses on lost love, love love, and just to change the pace – relationships that failed due to distance. I think this is the only potential stumbling block.  Having ten tracks about what a man wants emotionally in his life might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Personally, I found solace in them. I also found solace in knowing this guy had it so bad he wrote a whole album about how bad it was. At that point, I felt like things were looking up. Mission accomplished cathartic song-writer!

Verdict:  You should listen to this album right now.  I’m saying this as a person who doesn’t typically have an interest in folk rock.  You will like this album.

Videos from Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron
“The Stranger”
Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron
“Time to Run”
Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron
“Lonesome Dreams”
Lonesome Dreams


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