Starfucker Miracle Mile Review

Starfucker, a band whose mainstream success is probably hampered by its name, delivers their fourth full-length album Miracle Mile.

Starfucker Miracle Mile cover

Starfucker is an indie/electronica act from Portland, Oregon. Their sound includes a lot of keyboard, a strong bass line, a bit of guitar, and males mostly singing in falsetto. I struggled to think of band with a similar sound, so I turned to to see what comparison it made – Passion Pit, Neon Indian, and Washed Out.  While I disagree that Starfucker sounds like these  bands, my guess is if you like that kind of thing you’ll like Starfucker.

I loved Starfucker’s previous album, Reptilians. Starfucker did everything right on this album – catchy tunes, interesting lyrics, songs that stood on their own. It was synth heavy and played like an homage to Duran Duran. I was really looking forward to their next release, but had some concerns they’d be able to meet my expectations.

I was disappointed to find my skepticism was well-founded. Miracle Mile didn’t do it for me. The songs on the album, while enjoyable, were a bit bland. Where Reptilians succeeded in giving each track a life and sound of its own, Miracle Mile seemed to gloss over everything with low-fi distortion that made most tracks indistinguishable from the others.

There are some gems on Miracle Mile. “Atlantis” is a song I thoroughly enjoy. The lyrics at the beginning of the track are some of my favorite of any song in recent memory. “You are my angel. I am an astronaut.” The pairing of these two individuals seems so wonderful, but I would have never put the two together myself. “While I’m Alive” is catchy, but I think it’s a song that I will eventually tire of.

Verdict: Check Starfucker’s Miracle Mile out before you commit to buying. I think most people will enjoy the album, but you might not feel it is worth your money. While Miracle Mile isn’t the perfect album, it is enjoyable escapism from other sounds around you. Put on some headphones, and chair dance at your computer while pretending to work.

Video from Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile


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