Run the Jewels

Admittedly, I’ve been extremely bad at posting album reviews – both in the writing process and in finding releases I wanted to talk about. I felt my writing was formulaic and uninspired. My goal was not to establish myself as music reviewer, but to find a group of people who liked what I liked and would expose me to new things.

Initially, I was hesitant to put my name on this blog.  Not because of anything being said here, but because I wanted this to be a place where everyone was equal in terms of opinion and interests. I didn’t want any one person to dominate the space.  I wanted everyone to be able to suggest albums for the Club to review.  It was meant to be a place for me to share what I liked AND hear about what you were interested in.

That being said, I want to change formats a bit.  I still want you all to post comments about what you’re listening to and what you think I might like, but I’m going to share a video or two a week to share whatever I’ve come across and enjoyed.  It’ll be better for all of us – you don’t have to read what I puke out and I don’t have to puke out anything for you to read.  It’s win-win.

First thing you should check out, Killer Mike and El-P’s free-to-download collaboration Run the Jewels.  The only stupid thing about the album is the video for “Get It” is only on MySpace – something not supported by WordPress.